Transforming managers and leaders

Mantec supported the client management to build a platform for the long-term success and growth, the new platform was stabilised with a management team that could justify further investment in this particular market.


A European leader, this supplier of injection-moulded packaging needed help to transform the UK factory. Loss-making for many years, there was concern local management lacked the depth to turn their business around.


Detailed analysis revealed low levels of productivity caused by: poor planning (too many changeovers, lack of cooperation with other departments and scheduling clashes); ineffective shop-floor supervision and insufficient attention to changeover times. Underlying these problems was a management group lacking the skills o vision to change.

  • Discipline was introduced into the planning process with a formal weekly cycle of meetings and activities
  • Performance monitoring was developed and installed to identify and make public any variations from plan
  • Carefully structured inter-departmental meetings were established to force communication and cooperation
  • A SMED (single minute exchange of die) programme was instituted which reduced average changeover times by more than 60%

Behind the day-to-day activities, there was a programme of management development devised in close collaboration with the group CEO and headquarters HR function to build an effective, local team of managers.

  • Workshops were held where theoretical concepts could be intimately linked to the practical demands of the business
  • Intensive one-on-one coaching was conducted with all members of the team
  • Group HR leadership initiatives were incorporated into the development programme


The anticipated financial results were delivered through improved productivity (+12% in moulding +22% in printing) and material yield (15% reduction in scrap). More important for the long-term success and growth of the group, the UK platform was stabilised with a management team that could justify further investment in the UK market.

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