Scandinavian origin – global presence

Focused on client benefit

The Mantec way

What we achieve

Mantec is a consultancy company that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases productivity, shortens lead times and throughput times, reduces unnecessary inventory and enhances deliver accuracy.

We possess expertise for organizational restructuring, skill development, footprint analysis and for boosting and structuring sales organisations. In short, we manage change processes.

80 – 90% of all cost is going through the hands of first line management. A Mantec program focuses on control at the point of execution.

How we achieve it

Mantec projects on average gives a ROI on more than 300% of the original investment. Mantec has a very high level of customer satisfaction. How do we achieve this?

Through profound and very open discussions with new clients, we ensure that a basis for successful project exists. Our relationship with new clients starts with a thorough analysis of their business.

The analysis takes 3-4 calendar weeks, and we invest between 6 and 15 man-weeks. The objective of the analysis is to establish the improvement potential, where it can be found and what monetary value this improvement potential has.

During the analysis, we have an open dialogue with the client to ensure that we have a joint understanding of how to execute an implementation project.

Scandinavian origin – global presence

Mantec initially served the domestic markets in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Shortly after, we expanded to Finland. As our business grew, we followed our customers out of the Nordics to Germany, the UK, Poland, Benelux, Russia, Ireland and several other European countries. We have also completed a number of projects in the US and in Asia with excellent results.

We have competence to serve all markets where our customers operate. Even though our values and ways of operating are at heart Scandinavian, we recognise that many problems embedded in local culture often need local solutions. On the other hand, there are also many issues where good management does not depend on the local culture. Our success lies in our ability to combine our Scandinavian brand of sound and successful management techniques with our understanding of local language, culture and ways of thinking.


Skilled professionals – yet ordinary people

Mantec has today over 100 consultants with an average experience in change management of more than 14 years. Most of our employees have a technical and/or business degree in combination with extensive experience of line management.

The consulting experience of our consultants is on average between 10 and 25 years. We put our project teams together according to experience, knowledge, academic background, and their proven ability to reach and implement results.

A Mantec project often results in significant changes to our client’s organisation and their ways of working. The consultant’s background and extensive experience from similar, as well as different, business and organisations add a new dimension to the project.

We also place a lot of emphasis on the way that our consultants work in teams, both internally in our consultant teams, as well as together with our clients’ people.


Founded in 1996, Mantec initially served the domestic markets in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Shortly after, we expanded to Finland. The three founders of the company had extensive experience of helping clients achieve operational excellence, and wanted to merge “the Scandinavian way” with a no-nonsense roll-up-your-sleeves approach. We are dedicated to find an individual adapted approach and solution together with our customer. This means, we are dedicated with our customer-oriented approach, not pushing a predefined solution to our clients.

From day one we focused on client benefit, which we also call measurable results. For us, the job is not done until, through the client’s organisation, we have delivered the change giving the projected measurable results.

As Mantec grew, we followed our customers out of the Nordic countries to the UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, Central Europe, Asia and North America.

Since 1996 our turnover has increased to more than 15 million Euro in 2019, and the number of people serving clients has risen from the original three founders to today’s network of over 100 consultants. We pride ourselves that all of our consultants are experienced, and backed up by excellent implementation skills and well-proven methods.

Achieving measurable and sustainable effects might sound easy, but it is no such thing. It needs the right mix of skills and, just as importantly, the right experience. And we at Mantec have had experience in successfully implementing more than 500 projects, all of which achieved measurable effects to the benefit of our clients.

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