From unmotivated operators to focused entrepreneurs

Creation of a unison company culture, as well as improving and streamlining operations increased employee satisfaction and net margins.


The company, a market leader in Sweden and part of a large international conglomerate, provides a broad range of installation, commissioning and integration services for fixed, mobile and enterprise networks. It also offers network installation services as a natural extension of its core network construction business.

After several acquisitions on the Swedish market, the company’s need to integrate and create a common company culture became crucial, and it also became important to improve and streamline operational efficiency. Mantec was engaged to help the company achieve these objectives.


During the initial analysis phase:

  • key employees were interviewed throughout all levels of the company;
  • the company’s operational processes were mapped;
  • a study on the management information system was conducted; and
  • the general view on management and leadership was assessed.

The findings resulted in a clear problem definition upon which five subprojects were drawn up, each focusing on key problem areas.:

Key Focus Areas:

  • Management Information System -Develop and implement a regional management system containing specific routines for control and follow up of daily activities, productivity and sales.
  • Time is money – Develop a system to ensure that executed orders are correctly invoiced and that invoices contain correct information to facilitate authorization of payment. Process design and develop a working methodology to increase average sales.
  • Understanding of contracts – Increase the level of knowledge amongst technicians regarding commercial issues. Produce tools and easy-to-understand summaries to support technicians, based on a thorough survey of the often complex nature of the commercial contracts.
  • Training management – Develop practical and hands-on training sessions for management.
  • Training technicians – Develop a hands-on programme to teach technicians how to embrace a more entrepreneurial attitude.


The subprojects were coordinated and integrated to promote a substantial and specific way of doing business. Consultation with employees as actions were taken and programmes developed ensured their cooperation, commitment and participation. An actual change in behaviour and attitudes was observed through the implementation process, and this also showed in management reports.


The key results of the project were:

  • the successful implementation of a management information system to provide up-to-date, outcome versus set goals information;
  • the successful development of a computer-based training program that facilitates roll-out to 3,500 technicians;
  • increasing awareness among management and technicians of how each individual can contribute towards improved margins;
  • increasing awareness among management and technicians of the fact that time is money, and that opportunities to increase sales should always be seized; and
  • net profit margins improved by seven percentage points in certain pilot areas.

As a direct consequence of these encouraging results, the implementation and roll-out of actions and programmes to the rest of the regions was given highest priority.

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