45% productivity improvement and 60% increase in capacity

The project aimed at finding ways to increase capacity to meet increasing market demands. Significant improvements in productivity and capacity were achieved.


The company is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated houses. The market is very favourable and in order to meet the expected demand, capacity will have to double within two years but without any increase in manning.

The cooperation with Mantec started with a pre-study to assess prospects of doubling the capacity of the production facility. The study confirmed weaknesses such as:

  • low industrialisation;
  • ineffective use of the production layout;
  • lack of material logistics; and
  • lack of management and management tools in the workshop.


To tackle these identified problems, the client entered into a full project with Mantec aimed at industrialisation of the business. It was divided into three different areas; improvements in production, purchase outsourcing, and improvements in construction.


The existing layout was revised to an industrial flow with the potential to manufacture according to lean production and right from the beginning. Production data was updated to assist management in controlling the business. A scheme of paced workflow was implemented, so as to avoid production bottlenecks. This helped the whole organisation to work, plan and coordinate activities with a clear strategy to always deliver on time. New methods for controlling production materials were designed and implemented.

In addition, production management teams were trained to lead and control the business, and deal with daily interruptions In a structured way that enabled continuous improvement.

Purchasing and outsourcing

Part components with low added value were outsourced to sub-suppliers, giving them the responsibility for delivering directly to the construction site. Consequently, quality demands (and to some extent working content) increased for existing sub-suppliers.


More stable and partly simplified methods of construction were implemented. This led to some new types of material being used.


The client received a nomination for their excellent work within the LEAN-field, at the Swedish Construction Industries own LEAN-awards. Mantec were mentioned in the nomination as having been a big factor in teaching the organisation a real LEAN mentality.

Other benefits to the client were:

  • capacity increased from 11 to 18 modules per week, an improvement of over 60%
  • paced workflow helped the organisation work to a clear strategy
  • a revised production layout led the way to a lean production
  • methods of production were improved, and investments better targeted.

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