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We are not only advisors – we are the leading implementation firm in Northern Europe with 20 years of experience.
Experts with line experience and operational efficiency
Measured return on client investment and fast payback time.

Mantec’s professional network and toolbox for guaranteed success.
Proven methodology with over 500 projects and hundreds of references.
Continuous global acknowledgement and success on management consultancy competitions.

Our proven process

The Mantec process consists of three parts: analysis, implementation and follow-up. Analysis is the diagnostic part of the process, where improvement potential is estimated. Then comes implementation, which is about achieving measurable results. The purpose of follow-up, the third and the final phase, is to maintain the achieved improvement.

Holistic assessment approach

The holistic assessment approach by Mantec comprises three parts: 1. The value creation process 2. Performance management system 3. Improving management skills. These provide the foundation for a continuous improvement culture, which continuous change is all about.

Core competence areas

Improving organisational and process efficiency, establishing or strengthening the performance management system, and accelerating behavioural development are Mantec’s three key competence areas.

The Mantec way


A Mantec programme focuses on control at the point of execution. 80% – 90% of all costs accumulate on the bottom levels. The Mantec approach believes in change management and communication on all the levels of the organisation, both bottom-up and top-down.

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