Our approach

What we achieve

Mantec is a consultancy company that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases productivity, shortens lead times and throughput times, takes away unnecessary inventory and enhances deliver accuracy. We also possess expertise for boosting and structuring Sales organisations.

Mantec does not just give advice - WE IMPLEMENT

How we achieve it

Mantec projects on average gives a ROI above 4 to 1, ranging from 2.5 to 1 to more than 6 to 1 depending on client business and size. Mantec has a very high level of customer satisfaction. How do we achieve this? 

Through profound discussions with new clients, we ensure that a basis for successful project exists. Our relationship with new clients starts with an offer to conduct a thorough analysis of the business. 

The analysis takes 2-6 calendar weeks, and we invest between 6 and 15 man weeks. The objective of the analysis is to establish whether or not there is an improvement potential, where it is and what monetary value this improvement potential has. 

Provided there is a significant improvement potential (a minimum of return of 200% per annum) we would offer an implementation project to realise the potential. 

During the analysis, we have an open dialogue with the client to ensure that we have a joint understanding of executing an implementation project. 

Positive Cash-flow

During the planning of the implementation project, we aim to place the most profitable sub-projects during the early phases. By doing this, our client would normally have a return of 70-80% of the Mantec investment by the end of the project period, followed by a minimum return of 200% per annum.




Management Team

Mantecs Management Team consists of:

Göran Svensson, Chairman of the board and Head of Sales
+46 706 31 86 18

Kjetil Barfelt, Managing Director 
+47 9131 3131

Bent Hansen, Sales Denmark and International
+ 45 2091 46 36

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