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Mantec in a minute

Mantec is a consultancy that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases productivity, shortens lead times, improves delivery accuracy and boosts sales.

Mantec does not just give advice - WE IMPLEMENT

Added value to our clients

Over the last ten years Mantec has added more than EUR 700 million in value to our clients. The average return on client invested money in Mantec projects lies above 4 to 1. Read more about the Mantec methodology here.

The CI-Lean methodology

Mantec has developed over the years a stable way to integrate continuous improvement in business systems. Some aspects of our approach are available in a book format now, commended, among others, by Professor Jeffrey Liker as

"Beyond Lean' is really about moving beyond the common practice of lean as a toolkit and getting back to the essence of Toyota Way of thinking. It offers many important insights"


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