At Mantec we live by a straightforward and clear guiding principle - our job is to add value to our clients. This job will not done simply by study an organisation from the outside in six months time and then conclude the work, with a new method known by a magic three letter acronym. To succeed, the work needs to be done within the organisation, with the help of the people who perform the daily tasks. By applying our own proven and hands on methods in client collaborations, we jointly develop tailor made solutions that works for every unique organisation. Making sure that the efforts are focused towards those areas upon which the performance is dependent. This is how we help our clients to raise the bar for their performance capacity.

Some of our expert skills are:

  • Change Management 
    In partnership with client personnel we set the foundations for future a sustainable environment of continuous improvements

  • Implementation of new methods and processes
    With hands-on methods to visualise the improvements step by step, the gap between the as is-stage and to be-objective is divided into pieces. Making it possible for each individual to grasp his or her part of the sum.

  • Cross organisational communication
    An usual reason for failure is lack of constructive communication. Everyday communication between managers and between management and the workforce should contain clear expectations: what to do and who will do what. Follow-up must be carried out, people tend to lose faith in their manager if he or she never bothers to show interest in what they do. To improve, frequent follow-up is required; the faster the production runs, the more frequent the follow-ups must be. Simply because the consequences per hour become very significant. Mantec has helped numerous organisations to implement a powerful Management Control System with clear and fast communication as a result.

  • Cascading performance goals
    From time to time it is healthy to go back and define the core business, review why we are in business at all and define in detail what is expected from the various support functions. Then it is necessary to develop very clear and understandable goals and cascade them through the management levels, always ensuring they are clear and achievable. Remember, the targets you set for yourself are generally not meaningful to people lower down in the organisation. Instead their targets, which support yours, should be broken down for them and for the people they are managing. The job of the middle tiers in the organisation is to define the goal in increasing levels of detail.