Mantec in a Minute

Mantec is a consultancy that improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases productivity, shortens lead times, improves delivery accuracy and boosts sales. Mantec does not just give advice - WE IMPLEMENT

Mantec method starts with an analysis to determine the gap between current status and preferred state from client point of view. A project with clear goals is then anchored in cooperation with the clients' organisations.


Mantec do not conduct projects for clients. But we love do to project together with our client.

Mantec has a proven track record and experience from most lines of business. We are pragmatic and goal oriented and known to not give up before our goals are achieved.

Mantec are working all over Europe, South East Asia, China, North America and Russia. But we conduct projects where our clients operations are.

Mantec projects generally gives an return on investment of 4 to 1. 

Mantec in a minute

Be curious! Find out why Mantec projects on average gives an Return on Investment of 4 to 1. Click on the link above to learn more.