Skilled professionals - yet ordinary people

Mantec has today about 140 consultants with an average age of slightly over 40 years. Most of our employees have a technical and/or business degree in combination with at least 5 years of management/line experience. 

The consulting experience of our consultants is on average between 10 and 15 years. We put our project teams together according to knowledge, experience academic background, and the ability to reach and implement results. 

A Mantec project often results in significant changes to our client's organisation and their ways of working. The consultant's background and extensive experience from similar (and different) business and organisations adds a new dimension to the project. 

We also place a lot of emphasis on the way that our consultants work in teams, both internally in our consultant teams, as well together with our clients people. 


Comments from clients:

"I must also add, that we were frankly amazed by the highly professional and considerate manner the Mantec team conducted themselves. Our company culture and sensitivities were constantly taken into consideration throughout the process."

"We would at the same time emphasise that those Mantec consultants that we worked with were very professional and they worked very well with our employees, even at a personal level"

Quote from Managing Director in a Danish production company