Founded in 1996, Mantec initially served the domestic markets in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway). The three founders of the company had extensive experience of helping clients achieve operational excellence, and wanted to merge "the Scandinavian way" with a no-nonsense roll up your sleeves approach. 

From day one we focused on client benefit, which we also call measurable results. For us, the job is not done until, through the client's organisation, we have delivered the projected measurable results. 

As Mantec grew, we followed our customers out of Scandinavia; initially to Finland, and later to Germany, the UK, Poland, Benelux, Russia, Ireland and several other European countries. Because clients nowadays need worldwide assistance, we have also established ourselves in South East Asia and set up an operational platform in China. We have also carried out several projects in the USA, with excellent results. 

Our turnover has increased from next to nothing in 1996 to more than 20 million Euro in 2010, and the number of people serving clients has risen from the original three founders to today's network of 140 consultants. We pride ourselves that all of our consultants are experienced, and all are backed up by well-proven methods and implementation skills. 

Although our origin, values and ways of operating are at heart Scandinavian, we recognise that problems embedded in local culture often need local solutions. But there are also many issues where good management does not depend on the local culture. Our success lies in our ability to combine our knowledge of sound management techniques with our understanding of local language, culture and ways of thinking.

Achieving measurable effects might sound easy, but it is no such thing. It needs the right skills mix and, just as importantly, the right experience. And we at Mantec have had experience in successfully implementing almost 400 projects, all of which achieved measurable effects to the benefit of our clients.


All in all, our approach has served both our clients and Mantec well ever since the original founders rolled up their sleeves and started the business in 1996.



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