What are the effects?

Monetary effects

  • On average a Mantec project reaches an increased production throughput by 22-23 percent with the same resource input. This is also applicable when the equation is reversed, the same throughput with 22-23 percent decreased resource input. 

  • We bring efficiency to our clients. Few organisations have the internal insight to accomplish an optimised working environment by themselves. Efficiency is raised by identifying and correct non-value adding time and activities. This is at the heart of a Mantec project.

  • Our success is built upon the fact that we have been able to deliver good results to our clients. A Mantec project will generally give a return on investment of 4 to 1. Ranging from 2.5 to 1 up to
  • over 6 to 1 depending on client business and size.


Organisational effects

  • Relevant KPI´s and a follow up structure that runs through every level of the company. Consequently this implies that we help our clients develop objectives that are broken down at the appropriate level of detail to suit every level and individual. All the way from top management to front line. An objective should be relevant and understandable for every person that strives to accomplish them.

  • An attitude and engagement which will ensure long time prosperity. We put people to work with the right focus in mind. Numerous Mantec clients have perceived a higher level of personnel engagement. This is achieved via attention and visualisation. People understands what parameters that effect their output and at the same time, that their work is important for a group of individuals. A structure for following up development is very often perceived as positive within the workforce; invisible management is not desired from anyone. Everyone must know what is expected of them that day and, by the time they leave for home, whether they have met the expectations. 

  • The implemented improvements gives our clients reduced costs and/or increased incomes for years to come after a project is finished. What we give our clients is the tools needed for building a learning organisation. The learning organisation; sets relevant and healthy objectives, is keen to follow up and evaluate the job at hand constantly and take corrective action to adjust and readapt work in order to meet the established objectives. The learning organisation strives to always develop and improve its operations, it thrives on continuous improvement.